Happy publication to 'Others'!


Happy publication to Others! This pioneering collection asks us - as all stories do - to walk in the footsteps of others. We've never needed this more!

The contributors are: Noam Chomsky, Leila Aboulela, Gillian Allnutt, Rishi Dastidar, Peter Ho Davies, Louise Doughty, Salena Godden, Colin Grant, Sam Guglani, Matt Haig, Aamer Hussein, Anjali Joseph, AL Kennedy, Joanne Limburg, Rachel Mann, Tiffany Murray, Sara Nović, Edward Platt, Alex Preston, Tom Shakespeare, Kamila Shamsie, Will Storr, Preti Taneja and Marina Warner.

These writers celebrate the power of words to show us the world as others see it and how others see us. Poets and novelists make an art of giving voice to the voiceless, and of putting consciousness in places where we didn’t expect to find it. Across the world, intolerance of otherness is growing: in Donald Trump’s America, in Brexit Britain and in a Europe seared by nationalistic resentment.

The greatest literature challenges us to recognise our own otherness; not just to understand how people out there are different to us, but how we are alien to them.

Net profits from the book will be donated to the charities Refugee Action and Stop Hate UK.

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